What is Sakura Art Japan

Welcome to Sakura Art Japan!

Sakura Art started as a small project to bring numerous passions together.

We wanted to share our love for shodo (Japanese calligraphy), kimono, and typical Japanese items which few can find outside of Japan.

Traditional Japan is well known, but surprisingly little known...

Most people recognize Japanese characters, or are familiar with what a kimono is. Yet, it's rare to know the process behind the creation of these staples. Even harder, is finding "the real deal" among thousands of options.

Sakura Art Japan creates original shodo, Japanese hanging scrolls, and more art that respects tradition but also nods to modernity. The artist is Sakurako, a master of Japanese calligraphy, whose creative process is also available on live stream and YouTube videos.

For our kimono, Sakura Art Japan selects the best we can find. We don't seek only good pieces that make for great traditional wear or displays, but also (and especially) beautiful kimono that no one wants to wear any longer. 

Kimono making is an art in itself, and we believe kimono, much like samurai's katana, carry tradition and history in their soul; we want to preserve that soul, by finding great kimono stored and forgotten like an old treasure and reuse them, so to preserve their life in a new form. 

We want more and more people to share in this passion with us.