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Echoing Calm - Shizuka

Echoing Calm - Shizuka

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Shizuka - Echoing Calm is the first of a series I have been working on for a long time.

The kanji for "shizuka" superimposes the hiragana word for "shizuka".

This is how I imagine an echo would be if it were written in Japanese.

The kanji component is written with traditional hand-diluted sumi black ink.
The "echo" in hiragana is written with the same ink but with a higher water component.

The paper is a simple hardened white paper but it's nested in a hand-made small kakejiku (Japanese wall scroll), redesigned to fold, rather than roll upon itself.
The written paper is nested in the kakejiku, but not glued. it can be removed and placed elsewhere.


W 15cm

H 51cm

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