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Heart and Happiness - Kokoro to Shiawase

Heart and Happiness - Kokoro to Shiawase

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Heart and Happiness (Kokoro to Shiawase) came to me after reading something the poet Aida Mitsuwo wrote:
"Your happiness springs from your heart."

In this work (part of my "echo" collection), the writing in the foreground is the kanji (Japanese character) for "heart" (kokoro).
In the background, we can read "shiawase" (happiness) in hiragana, as though "happiness" is a reflection or an echo of our heart.

"Kokoro" is written with black Japanese sumi ink.

"Shiawase" is written with a mix of white and silver Japanese sumi ink.

Under a certain light, the colors of "shiawase" take on rainbow hues. It will be rare to find the right light and angle, just like it's rare to see a real rainbow.



Width: 14.8cm (5.82in)

Height: 10cm (3.93in)




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