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Original Silk Kimono (1900's - used)

Original Silk Kimono (1900's - used)

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This is a traditional Japanese silk kimono made in Japan (1900's)

This kimono is intended to be worn in casual circumstances, but it was also made with elegance in mind.

The shine on the fabric complements the floral patterns and adds to the style of the kimono.

The patterns presents two different styles of decoration, both typically Japanese: the floral pattern is dyed and, underneath it, is a weaved symmetrical design of lines and rhomboid shapes to create balance.

This kimono is a perfect decorative item for walls or showcases, as well as for mannequin displays. Please note that while kimono can be worn as they are, they usually require other components as well (NOT included). 

For the measures of this kimono please refer to the following image and chart:

1:  163 cm (64.17 in)  - this item can be comfortably worn by people of 158-168 cm             (5.18-5.51 ft) of height

2:   66 cm (25.98 in)

3:   34 cm (13.38 in)

4:    52 cm (20.47 in)

5:    24 cm (9.44 in)

6:    30.5 cm (12.00 in)

MAIN COLORS: Pink, Royal Purple

The kimono is used but in excellent condition. We did identify some IMPERFECTIONS:

A small speck in the inner part of the kimono (douura) 

Minor discoloration on sleeves 

An expert eye may also notice a barely visible color defect by the neck 

NOTE TO BUYERS: We select and check our products with extreme care, but, although very unlikely, we may miss something.

Furthermore, please note that depending on your monitor/display, colors may appear different from the original.

Shipping: This item falls into the medium package category. For details, please view our shipping policies.

Please feel free to contact us with any question (Languages available: English, Japanese)

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