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Sakura Art Japan

Kimono Wall Scroll - Love

Kimono Wall Scroll - Love

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This is one of our first 100% hand-made kimono kakejiku.

We are very proud of this series which incorporates the art of Japanese calligraphy with the elegance of kimono.

The kanji reads ai (愛) in sousho and it means love. Sousho is an old style of writing developed by Japanese women as a response to the government prohibiting them from using kanji.

Later, sousho developed into hiragana one of the three main writing systems in Japanese language. This style carries history and art within itself.

The paper used is a delicate traditional Japanese paper and the body of the kakejiku, as well as it's framing, are made with hand-made silk kimono fabric.

The hanging rods are carved from Japanese wood.

The kanji itself is written with black sumi (Japanese ink) with dark-red accents.

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