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Shiki - Ivory Knowledge

Shiki - Ivory Knowledge

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I wrote Shiki - Ivory Knowledge with a white sumi ink on black shikishi (traditional Japanese hardened paper).
I used a stronger red for the stamp. I really love the result.

I feel particularly close to this work because I thought about it while remembering something my mother used to tell me.

My grandfather was a very old-school man, hyper-traditional, although loving. He used to tell me that I did not need to study too hard, because, according to him, one day I would be married and a housewife.
My mother would then take me to the side and tell me that knowledge is a treasure. It is something that, once gained, could never be taken away.

I agree with my mother. So I dedicate Shiki to her and to me.


H: 27cm (10.6in)

W: 24cm (9.4in)

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