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Translucent Sun - Yō (陽)

Translucent Sun - Yō (陽)

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Translucent Sun - Yō (陽) is a one-of-a-kind Japanese wall scroll (kakejiku) with a number of unique features.

For the hand-written calligraphy we used a white Japanese sumi ink to write on hard transparent plastic.

The scroll is hand-crafted using pure silk kimono cloth. The result is an elegant wall decoration which follows tradition but nods to modernity, in an ensemble that would fit just as well in a traditional Japanese house, or a futuristic penthouse.

The artist signature replaces the traditional ink stamp with a thread-fold

The scroll is designed with the idea that any landscape could be its background, if you opt for a more original placing.

However, please keep in mind that prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, or weather may damage the silk.



but if you'd like to add them to the wall scroll, please contact us.



Width: 27.8cm (10.94in)

Height: 96.5cm (37.99in) (opened)

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