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Strength is in Yourself - Digital

Strength is in Yourself - Digital

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Strength is in Yourself is an example of what in Japan is known as yo ji juku go.

Yo ji juku go are phrases composed by four kanji (Japanese characters) which convey a thought or an idea.

In Strength in Yourself you will see the four kanji in the background (sho shi kan tetsu), written in Gyosho style.

Elegantly superimposed, is the full expression that the four kanji reveal, written in the ancient style Sosho.

Strength in Yourself reads: hajime ni kokoro ni kimeta kokorozashi wo saigo made tsuranuki toosu koto (The drive you had when you started, is what you hold onto until you succeed).

The downloadable file will not show the watermark.

The original of Strength in Yourself was hand-written with Japanese sumi in on Japanese washi paper.


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